The University of Georgia

Historic Clothing and Textile Collection

About Us

Our Historic Clothing and Textile Collection (HCTC) consists of around 3,000 objects, including garments, accessories, and textiles dating from the 1800s to present day. Our mission is to be a valuable platform for outreach, experiential learning, teaching, research, inclusivity, and inspiration at the University of Georgia.

The HCTC is an educational resource that provides unique learning experiences for students at UGA. It is regularly used for classroom demonstrations to discuss changes in silhouette, textile technology, merchandising, art, and social issues. The collection is also used to teach student workers about museum practices, equipping them with valuable professional skills.

Our collection serves as a diverse research tool that can be explored through our physical objects, digitized images, and comprehensive metadata, providing vast amounts of rich information related to dress history.

Our ability to accept new donations is limited by storage space. However, we are always interested in finding ways to enhance our collection through the addition of select items that are aligned with our mission and demonstrate significant potential as educational resources.